Press Release: Security PS Expands to Austin

Security PS has continued to pursue plans for growth in 2009 by expanding and strengthening their presence in the Midwest and Southern regions in the US. As key part of this plan, Security PS announced the creation of a local presence in Austin, TX.

"While we do business across the US, our clients continue to place a high value on our local presence as they partner with us for application security services." commented Kris Drent, President and CEO of the firm. "This expansion allows us to provide that level of partnership with business in Austin and in the surrounding areas." he concluded.

Heading up the firm's Austin expansion is manager and consulting veteran Tom Stripling. According to Drent, Stripling's accomplishments and business knowledge made him the perfect team member to spearhead and manage the new location.

While Stripling will continue to serve key clients in the Midwest, his relocation to Austin has enabled him to take a more active role in the regional market. "Given the level of technology in this area, there is a significant need for experienced application security services here. I'm excited that we can be provide a local presence to clients in Austin and better support this region." Stripling said.

In conjunction with the expansion, Security PS continues to expand their reach in the Midwest from their headquarters in the Kansas City area and announcing new application services designed to meet emerging needs.

[ View the original press release from the Security PS website: Security PS Announces Expansion To Austin ]


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