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New App Security Resource

The App Security Advisor blog and podcast has been released. While you can read and listen to the first post on the web site to hear what the resource is all about, I'll give a quick recap here.

In short, The App Security Advisor podcast discusses hot topics in the world of application security and provides insight to where the industry is at, what pitfalls companies are hitting, and what proven practices can be applied for the most effective results. Many of the discussions will be strategic and well-suited for director and executive level audiences who require insight for moving forward with application security initiatives. However, there will also be a number of segments that are technical in nature to help the technical managers and development team leaders get a handle on the technical side of the challenges and solutions.

Current topics include multi-factor authentication pitfalls, security in the SDLC, and gauging the effectiveness of app security initiatives. Other topics on the way include technical authentication gotchas, top 5 questions to ask your application vendor, and web services/SOA security.

The segments will have mini-seminars, interviews with industry experts, and question/answer segments. Leave comments on the blog or send e-mail to have your questions included in the Q/A segments, or to provide direction for future topics.
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