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What OWASP is and what it means to you

Our blog has featured a link to the OWASP web site for most of its existence. Maybe you have clicked on it and checked out the great resources that OWASP has to offer. Maybe you already know about the organization and its ongoing projects. If you aren't familiar with OWASP, let me give you a quick introduction.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a not-for-profit group dedicated to improving the security of web applications. They support this goal by publishing security testing and software development guidance, creating web application security testing tools, and funding related projects that benefit the community.

OWASP also encourages the creation of local chapters where security professionals and developers can meet with their peers to exchange information. These chapter meetings typically include one or more presentations covering topics like web app attacks, security testing techniques and tools, secure coding practices, and product evaluations. Meetings also serve as a good opportunity to compare notes with other locals on what is going on with web app security in their organizations.

I recently had the honor of assuming leadership of the Kansas City OWASP chapter and am excited about the chance to spread knowledge of web application security in our area. However, I can’t accomplish this goal without your help. Right now our chapter mailing list only includes a few dozen of the hundreds of Kansas City professionals who would probably want to participate in this group.

If you or others in your organization aren’t currently subscribed, I encourage you to join today. If you have friends or former coworkers at other businesses, let them know about the chapter. Subscribing to our mailing list will keep you informed about the interesting topics that will be covered at upcoming meetings.

Our next meeting is September 6th and features a presentation from a federal bank examiner about the good and bad application security practices he’s observed at financial institutions. Get the location and time at our chapter website. I hope to see you there.
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