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Security PS Internships and Apprenticeships for High School Seniors and Current College Students

Right now, high school and college age students have an opportunity to start internships and apprenticeship positions on the Security PS Application Security team learning the fundamental concepts and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in this high demand field. Our team of cybersecurity experts has a passion for investing into the upcoming workforce and we've created these programs to give hard working students the opportunity, mentoring, and resources to accelerate their growth toward a professional career.

Who is this for?

Security PS is hiring high school seniors and current college students as interns and apprentices NOW! You don’t need a college degree to get started, and you don’t have to wait until May. Students can work part-time while finishing (and prioritizing) school. Security PS is holding an information session on Wednesday, March 25th at 3:00 PM over Google Hangouts for students, parents, and teachers interested in learning more. Please fill out this form to be invited to that information session.

What can you expect?

During the internship and apprenticeship programs, students will strengthen their existing software development skills to build a solid foundation towards application penetration testing. Then, Security PS will provide training and mentorship to equip them with the technical and soft skills necessary to find and exploit application security vulnerabilities and report them to customers. As apprentices and interns become proficient at working on projects and identifying vulnerabilities, they will be promoted to an associate application security engineer with the option to begin working full-time.

About Security PS

Security PS is a 18-year old Kansas City company that has earned a high reputation in the industry for delivering quality work and for its excellent team. Internally, we have developed a culture that enjoys pursuing knowledge through self-study and then teaching those skills to the rest of the team.
Security PS provides a supportive team environment that gives employees opportunity for growth and ongoing professional development in a range of areas. Designed to fit the work style of our team, we've moved away from the traditional office and have adopted a virtual office but with a local team presence. This allows us to work flexibly from home, collaborate virtually, and also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate face to face as well. Regular team events and hangouts also add to the collaborative team culture. Security PS values employees as people. Our company has a 40-45 hour work week and managers have a genuine interest in each person’s well being.
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