Observations and insights from the Security PS Team.

Defcon Wrapup

The team has returned from Defcon unscathed. Well, maybe only slightly scathed. We caught several really great presentations. Watch this space for summaries of our favorites. The conference was not without its usual hacker stupidity, though. Some highlights:
  • A fake ATM was found in the lobby of the hotel and quickly carted away. There are claims that this was the work of credit card scammers not affiliated with the conference. If so, it was very poorly timed.
  • Someone attempted to bungee jump from the roof of the Riviera. He was stopped by hotel staff before he was stopped somewhat more abruptly by the wall of the building.
  • One person decided to try to hack an elevator and got himself and 14 other people stuck for an hour.
  • And a large number of people connected to the wireless network and logged in somewhere. Or brought something to the conference with an RFID tag in it. Or left Bluetooth enabled on their phone. All of them ended up on the Wall of Sheep.
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