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Nick's KCDC Summary

I attended the Kansas City Developer Conference in June and was really pleased by the talks. I wanted to share about my experience and what I got out of the conference. I also provide links to videos from other conferences that are either the same presentation or a related presentation.

I went to the conference with the goals of:
  • Learning more about ASP.NET Core and
  • Understanding options for deploying software into production on a continuous basis (every check in, every day, once a week, etc...)
For ASP.NET Core, I attended:
Matt's presentation was particularly detailed, but both of the presenters provided some great information for understanding whether .NET Core and EF Core were ready to be used in a production application. For .NET Core, the presenter related his experience building tools that would run on as wide of variety of platforms and runtimes as possible. There were some interesting challenges he had to solve to get his code to work. He used compiler flags to conditionally include code for different framework versions and had to choose different libraries because they weren't supported by .NET Core. His advice was to do a lot of research before committing to converting an existing .NET application to a cross-platform .NET Core application. Otherwise, it will work great for new development or upgrading an existing application to ASP.NET 4.6.3.

My takeaway from the EF Core talk was that the framework is missing a few features that are present in EF6, and I think the presenter's advice was to wait. But, you can easily make your own decision by looking at the feature comparison chart here:

I also saw the following related .NET talks:
  • I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods - Jeremy Clark (video from NDC)
  • Token Authentication in ASP.NET - Nate Barbettini
I really liked Jeremy's talk. After watching it, I decided to look into more Task API related presentations and resources. I found the following videos and resources helpful:
Finally, some additional rabbit holes I went down:
Continuous Deployment/Delivery
Damian Brady had two great talks at KCDC that introduced me to some new vocabulary and ways of thinking about deployment. His two talks were:
I didn't retain as much as I would have liked from his talks because they were so full of information, but they did get me fired up about doing my own experiments. I wanted to be able to deploy not only code, but infrastructure that automatically builds and deploys using a continuous integration server. I ended up writing an ASP.NET Core application and DockerFiles to run PostgreSQL, HAProxy, and Linux containers to run ASP.NET Core. Then, I had Jenkins build and deploy them. I hope to write another blog post about that in the future.

During that process, I found a few more presentations that I really enjoyed:
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